Current Work

What do writers do, again? Procrastinate? No, never. They write! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we get hungry, we take a bite out of our laptops (so if the site is ever down, you know why).

Anyway. As the title of this page would imply, this is where you'll find info about what I'm currently working on. I may provide samples from time to time, so keep a sharp lookout, folks.

Oh, and this picture here? I don't work in a dress shirt and tie. I also never work in the dining room. My beard isn't that thick anymore, either. This photo is, in its entirety, a work of fiction. Then again, fiction often reflects reality, does it not?

  • I freelance for Proofedprofessionally editing and proofreading documents in US, British, Australian, and Canadian English. I'm fluent in all academic style guides and specialize in supporting ESL writers. I focus on academic dissertations and essays, though I also proofread and edit for businesses and authors. My responsibilities include:
    • Business and corporate document editing and proofreading
    • Academic (including technical and scientific) editing and proofreading
    • ESL document editing and proofreading
    • Professional document (CVs, resumes, covering letters) editing and proofreading
  • I'm a copywriter for Copycat, a premiere copywriting company. That means I get to write SEO-based articles about fiduciary liability insurance, cleaning leather boots, and more!
  • My biggest personal project is a fantasy novel that's been in the works for... some time now. It doesn't have a solid title yet—probably because I've restarted multiple times. I don't see myself scrapping what I currently have, but you never know. You can learn more about it on my Medium publication Benny's Book-writing Blog.